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Human Rights Quarterly

The Human Rights Quarterly is a multi-disciplinary journal edited by the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights and published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Since 1982 the Institute has edited 140 issues of the Quarterly with articles covering a wide range of topics from both domestic and foreign authors. Professor Bert B. Lockwood serves as Editor-in-Chief and the editorial staff consists of Arthur Russell Morgan Fellows and College of Law students who cite check and edit the articles in preparation for publication. There are some opportunities for first year students to be members of the editorial staff of the Quarterly. An orientation meeting will be held for first year students interested in considering this possibility.

Student Leaders

  • Managing Editor: Rebecca Baibak
  • Senior Articles Editor with Portfolio: Katie McDonald
  • Movie and Book Review Editor: Braendon Tabor and James Gammell
  • Senior Articles Editors: Zachary Cuni, Kathleen Norris, Melanie Cheek, Matt Gioiello, Luke Woolman, Celia Klug, Ashton Tucker, Emily Roberts, and Kevin Kennedy
  • Articles Editors: Zach Falther, Tori Calderhead Gooder, Sierra Causey, Patrick Parkinson, Natalia Trotter, Megan Powley, Megan Hurd, Marissa Lee, Julie Kappelman, Jordan Blake, David Wovrosh, Catherine Brizzi, Candra Connelly, Caleb Williamson, Ronique Padda, Brittany Triggs, and Monica Murphy