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Juvenile Law Club

The Juvenile Law Club seeks to foster student engagement in the area of juvenile law. We are interested in "child welfare, and the rules and procedures for dealing with juvenile delinquency, status offense or dependency," (Ohio State Bar Association). We network with local lawyers that work with children in all forms, including child welfare, delinquency, and family law. These events foster relationships with local practitioners. Our service projects partner with local community organizations such as ProKids to aid children in need in the Cincinnati area. Our club is for anyone and everyone interested in child welfare, juvenile delinquency, dependency and family law issues. No interest in practicing juvenile and/or family law is necessary. Please join us in supporting local endeavors to benefit and improve children's lives.

  • Celia Klug - president
  • Kiv Euler - vice president
  • Vivian Poe - event coordinator