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Employment Statistics

GENERAL SUMMARY - Class of 2015

Total Number of Graduates 109
Total Number Reported 109
Enrolled in a FT Degree Program 2
Total Number Employed 96


One size does not fit all when it comes to careers. Our graduates pursue a variety of post-graduate paths. Traditionally about half of each class goes into private practice, and within that category the majority of graduates in a law firm setting work in offices of two to twenty-five attorneys. Our College continues to attract national talent as a result of the Urban Morgan Human Rights Institute, the Ohio Innocence Project and the Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice. Consequently, public interest work is a popular pursuit of our graduates. Still, others view industry as their destination and assume contract compliance roles, tax-finance, as well as other positions for which a JD is an advantage. 

Employment Statistics     Number     % of those employed     % of class    Full-time
Bar Passage Required 71 73.9 65.1 67 3 0 1
J.D. Advantage 23 23.95 21.1 21 1 1 0
Other Professional 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Non-Professional 2 2.08 1.83 0 0 0 2
Undeterminable 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Ohio continues to be among the top ten states for entry level legal employment and a number of our graduates take advantage of the opportunities available in the state as well as the surrounding states. California, New York, Illinois and the District of Columbia continue to rank high on the list of post-graduate destinations year-after-year.


For the Class of 2015, 96 out of 109 graduates were employed. 48 of the 109, or 44%, provided salary information. Salary at the 25th percentile was $50,000 and $100,000 at the 75th  percentile. The median salary was $60,000 and the average salary was $70,099. For additional information on salary statistics nationally for beginning attorneys, visit  All salary information provided is derived from the NALP Summary Report.


      No. Reporting Salary
(Total Graduates In Sector)

      25th Percentile       Median       75th Percentile
Law Firm 26 (50) 57,875 98,000 110,000
Business 8 (24) 45,000 52,000 70,000
Government 10 (27) 41,525 51,000 60,000
Academia*  - -  -
Public Interest 6 (8) 43,000 47,000 55,000

*Salary information omitted due to limited sample size.

Law Firm Size       No. Reporting Salary
(Total Graduates In Sector)
      25th Percentile       Median       75th Percentile
2-10 8 (21) 50,000 51,000 74,500
11-25 3 (5) - - -
26-50* 2 (3) - - -
51-100* 1 (2)  - - -
101-250* 4 (6) - 110,000 -
251-500 3 (3) - 110,000 -
500+ 5 (6) 110,000 110,000 117,000
Solo Practice 0 (1)  -  -  -

*Salary information omitted due to limited sample size.


The CPD supports each student’s career aspiration beginning with the individual Professional Development Plan, which is created during the first year. The PDP serves as a yardstick for students to measure experiences to ensure that they always advance the ball toward their ultimate career path. The PDP highlights classes, professional activities, experiential opportunities and work experience that will create a competitive resume.

We also help students connect the dots and routinely offer programs designed to expose students to a variety of settings in which a law degree is beneficial as well as professional norms. Programming includes:

Brand “U”niversity | Brand “U” helps students develop a professional identity and learn to market their unique skills and experience.

Practice Previews | Highlight different job settings - Private Practice, Public Interest, Government, and Alternative Careers - to aid students in choosing and developing a career path.

Breakfast Club | Introduces students to real-world legal professionals, including College of Law alumni, who provide insight on a particular field of practice.

Speed Chat | A blind dating approach to professional networking that gives students and employers the opportunity to make important business connections.

Final Friday | Designed to get students off campus and into the legal community, Final Friday allows students to visit a variety of professional settings for an informal roundtable discussion with professionals. Students are encouraged to stay downtown after the program to sample the arts.

Law in Practice: Books to Briefs | Local attorneys present actual cases to participants in a workshop format that exposes students to real life application of classroom instruction C

Catalyst Program

  • Introduces students to the organized bar, the importance of professional development and the role of public service
  • Connects legal professionals with law students and fuel their career explorations and development
  • Exposes students to the realities of the practice of law and related professionalism issues


Source of Job    Number Reported
Career Services Posting 12
Job Fair 2
Placement Agency 0
Fall OCI 9
Spring OCI 0
Referral by friend/family/etc. 19
Pre-Law School Employer 3
Started Own Business/Practice 1
Networking/Self-Initiated Contact 18
Non-UC Law Posting 5
Unknown  24
Other 3

ABA Employment Summary - Class of 2015

Pursuant to ABA Standard 509, additional employment information for the Class of 2015 can be found in the 2015 ABA Placement Report.

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