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Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Workshops

The Center for Practice offers a number of CLE workshops each year to enhance practicing lawyers’ professional skills and judgment for the highest level of legal practice. Proceeds from Center for Practice CLEs are generally used to fund student exposure to legal practice skills and strategies inside and outside of the classroom, including negotiation and trial practice competitions, cases simulations and video recordings, and visiting faculty for practice courses. Proceeds from the Downtown Faculty Teach-In proceeds are directed to UC Law student scholarships.

The following are events for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Upcoming CLE Workshops

Cincinnati Law Downtown Faculty Teach-In
March 31, 2017

Past CLE Workshops

Cincinnati Law Downtown Faculty Teach-In
April 29, 2016

Downtown Faculty Teach-In
March 6, 2015

The UC Law faculty will teach on diverse topics in this all-day event to benefit student scholarships.

Photos from the event

Actor’s Directions for Award Winning Trial Performance
Sept. 8, 15, 22, 29, 2014 | 6:00 - 9:30 p.m.
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Rocco Dal Vera, CCM Professor of Drama and acclaimed voice coach and author, will present a series on trial performance. Classes include Opening on a Trial Stage: First Moments, Monologues, Movements & Material Matters;

Directing on Direct: Plotting Story, Character Development & Jury Judgment; On Cross Examination: Control, Command, and Convey; The Lawyer-As-Actor’s Ethical Limits; The Closing Drama: Final Plot, Presence, and Persuasion.

Artistry in Practice: Lawyering with an Artful Eye at the Taft by Bruce Petrie Jr., Acclaimed Artist and Attorney at Graydon Head and Ritchey LLP

November 15, 2013

What is lawyer’s brief or a judicial opinion but a persuasion piece painted with words?   Legal artistry requires a master’s artful eye, as we paint on the readers’ cerebral and emotional canvas.  Inspiring us to see legal writing as art, accomplished attorney and artist Bruce Petrie, Jr. will teach us to see focal point, inspiration, compositional unity, balance, and craftsmanship in masterful paintings and legal writing.  Participants will examine significant art at the Taft Museum collection and significant case decisions, while learning to paint more artful legal arguments.

Decision Analysis Workshops -- CANCELLED
December 5-6, 2013

What is fair settlement value? How can I help my client understand the risks involved in this case? How can I persuade the other side or an insurer that our settlement offer is reasonable, even if their argument has some merit?

Decision Analysis offered a way to map a lawyer's, client's, or neutral's judgments about what might happen, what the chances are, what results will flow from twists of fate along litigation or transactional paths, and thus, what might be reasonable negotiation proposals.

There will be Emotions: Build Emotional Intelligence for Practice with People

Wednesday EVENING, January 16, 2013, 5:30-7:30pm

Emotions are a fact of life for lawyers. Our clients have emotions. Our partners and counter-parts have emotions. And we have emotions. Research now confirms that ignoring emotions is often impossible and destructive, and that working with them effectively can lead to greater professional success and personal satisfaction. This program builds on the work of Daniel Goleman, and is designed to introduce participants to the basic concepts of emotional intelligence as well as skills training in the managing of emotions.

Actor’s Directions for Award Winning Trial Performance
Sept. 6, 13, 20, 27, 2012

The Psyche at Work: Help for lawyers' worries about employee mental disorders, trauma, and violence
December 16, 2011 – 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

This one day CLE workshop focused on what lawyers can learn from psychiatrists regarding mental health issues in the workplace.

Making Mediators Workshop
February 25-26, March 4-5, 2010

Writing Legally: Judge Painter’s Rules for Plain Legal Writing
October 2, 2009

Dealing with the Difficult: On Emotion and Psychology for Client Counseling and Negotiation
December 11, 2008 - 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

This course enabled participants to apply insights from recent research on the impact of emotion and psychology on reasoning, decision-making and communication.

Lawyers Present, So Present Well
December 11, 2008 -1:30 - 5:15 p.m.

This seminar was designed to enhance the effectiveness of professionals’ presentations to internal and external audiences.

Great on Your Feet and in the Moment: How to Listen, Think, and Speak to the Unexpected
December 12, 2008 - 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Participants in this workshop had the opportunity to practice strategies and skills within simulated legal practice contexts.