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Human Rights Quarterly

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The Urban Morgan Institute edits the Human Rights Quarterly published by The Johns Hopkins University Press, the oldest university press in the country. The Quarterly is multidisciplinary and covers the range of human rights matters encompassed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In its forty years and nearly a thousand articles and book reviews, the Quarterly is recognized as the leading academic journal in the human rights field. Both its audience and its authors are represented on every part of the globe.

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Working with Justice Newman on the High Court of Botswana allowed me to engage in analysis of complex issues of law right out of my 1L year. Justice Newman pushes students to grow and to push the limits of their abilities, so I had the opportunity to engage in challenging legal research from my first day on the job. Also, because of Botswana's unique judicial system that allows its High Court to function as both a trial court and an appellate court, depending on the circumstances, my clerkship was a "two-for-one" experience. Lastly, writing for the courts of Botswana allowed me to contribute to the growing case law of one of a young democracy--including on unique issues such as corporal punishment for criminals.

--John Hilton '16 (second from left)